Ice Rink Update

At the time of this writing, the weather was too warm (15 degrees!) to think about outdoor ice skating. However, late November and early December usually means cold wintry weather here in southern Alberta so check to see if the rink has been flooded. With the first sustained cold spell, our flood team will have been hard at work flooding the PBP community rink which is located behind Nellie McClung School.

Our goal is to keep it going continuously until late February or early March. The last few years we have had some of the best ice in the area with shared use by pleasure skaters and hockey players. The smaller square-shaped “no sticks”’ rink next to the main rink is great for little ones just learning. We encourage fun pick-up hockey games (half rink please) and no raised pucks.

Finally, keep your eyes open for “Full Rink Family Shinny” to be organized and posted on the PBP community notice boards upcoming weekends as well as a “Family Skate Day” over the holiday break complete with hot chocolate and a cozy fire.

We expect to be providing a port-a-potty this season for the skaters as well. If you would like to volunteer on the flood team or have any suggestions about the rink, please email Craig at

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