A Newcomer’s Perspective on Our Neighbourhood

Hi, we are family Dankelman, Jeroen, Leandra, Simon (9), Lotte (6) and Youri (also 6). We come from Holland and had the opportunity to live in Calgary for a few years. When we were looking for a house, we first wanted to live closer to the LRT, but our relocation manager told us that we could rent a house in Palliser and that it was worth to look at it. Especially because it was close to Nellie Mc Clung school.

We didn’t know that there was a difference in schools, because we weren’t used to that in Holland. Almost all the schools are at the same level there. When we visited our house, we immediately knew that we wanted to live here. It is special for us to live in a house with no houses attached.

In Holland more than 16 million people live in an area smaller than Alberta. So it is far more crowded over there. Most houses are attached to each other. What we find really special is that we live in a city with more than a million people in Calgary but that it feels like a small city. We really like all the trees in this neighbourhood.  We also experienced so many friendly people over here. Our neighbour already took us out camping on a long weekend and our other neighbour baked cookies for us.

We adjusted pretty easily and like to bike in summer along the reservoir. In winter we like to ice-skate on the rink at school or we like to sledge in Oakridge. We hope we are able to stay in Palliser for a long time. If you would like to come over and drink a cup of tea, you are more than welcome (beeloo24@ gmail.com).

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