Call for PBP Community based Programming!

Would you like to use the PBP main hall to offer a community based program?  There are many ways to connect to your community and we an help make it happen. Free use or subsidized use of the main hall and/or board room is available to community members. Your idea can be turned into a weekly, monthly, seasonal or one-off program. Additionally, when programs are initiated by and led by volunteers, additional youth volunteers can be sourced through our partner Youth Central. Qualified instructors can be hired and costs offset through nominal program or drop in fees or through grant or casino funding. Our main hall and board room are available most days from 12 noon-6 pm, as well as some evenings and weekends. Here are just a few ideas that can be geared towards kids, preschoolers, seniors, or any group:
1. Build Lego – supplies available!

2. Mom/tots group

3. Scrapbooking, sewing, knitting groups

4. Seniors fitness

5. Kids yoga, plyometrics, dance

6. Stretching, meditation group

7. Art group

8. Babysitting class

9. Peanuts skating programs

10. Zumba for adults, kids

11. Science club

12. Chess, cards, games clubs

13. Homework help or tutoring

14. Learn a language – Mandarin, Spanish, Dutch, etc

15. Kids theatre group (PBP puppet theatre available!)

Also, we are in need of a volunteer to work with the PBP board of directors to coordinate community based programming. For more information, please contact or call Tracee directly at 403-966-3939.

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