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Palliser Bayview Pumphill Community Association Presents:

After-School Science Club

Tuesdays, January 19 – March 8, 2016
Time:  3:45PM – 4:45PM
Age:  6 – 9.

Spaces are limited.

This action-packed 8-week program explores the chemistry of everyday life!  Students will learn and apply the concepts, tools and techniques of real chemists with spectacular hands-on activities, stunning demonstrations, cool take-home projects and inquiry-based discussions. Crazy Chemworks serves as the perfect introduction to elementary chemistry!

The weeks will be broken up into 8 action-packed topics:

Lab Works: Use your hands as a real Mad Scientist in this whirlwind class on how a lab works!  Students will learn to manipulate an assortment of lab equipment such as pipettes, stirring rods and Erlenmeyer Flasks in several hands-on activities.  Students will take home their own *Graduated Gear Kit, an essential to any lab, to practice safe techniques at home.

Junior Reactors: Learn to recognize chemical and physical reactions and mix up a few reactive ingredients for some sensational results!  Students will get to learn about molecules and atoms in several fun, creative and collaborative ways.  Create a tiny world of atoms with your very own set of *Atomic Coins!

pH Phactor: Slide down the colorful pH scale and dip into the world of acids and bases!  Explore the pH extremes with your *Reaction Tube in what is sure to be a popping experience! Bring a mystery liquid to a perfect pH balance and take home your own personal pH paper to test for acids and bases in common household liquids.

Slime Time: Ooze into a gooey hour of sliming around!  Students will learn about polymers and cross-linking agents and will create the most perfect Slime using the Mad Science Recipe and then enter the Slime Olympics!  Take home your own concoction of *Mad Science Slime!

The Glow Show: Discover amazing things that glow bright in the dark and come to light!  Probe the properties of light and explore some unusual applications of glow-in-the-dark technology! Students learn about fluorescence, phosphorescence and chemiluminescence in hands-on and visual experiments that demonstrate the science of light.  Use your *Glow Show Card to experiment with the power of light to illuminate scientific shapes.

Dry Ice Capades: Manipulate matter in all of its three states!  Student will learn about the difference in molecular movement in solids, liquids and gases.  Dry Ice will be used to explore the properties of matter at extreme temperatures.  Use your *Thermocolor Cup to test the temperature of liquid matter in your home!

Super Sticky Stuff: Push the power of tape and other sticky things to the limits in this adhesive hour on things that cling! Students are introduced to the concepts of suction, hydrogen bonding and static cling and test for types of adhesion with different natural and synthetic adhesive materials. Build a bond with glue and get attached to your new friend, *Professor Beakerdude!

Chem in a Flash: Hop on board the chemistry express for a high-speed science experience!  Perform instantaneous experiments in this fast-paced class on split-second reactions that go like mad! Students experiment with catalysts, limiting reagents, precipitation and crystallization. Pick up an *Action Flask and have a blast with chemistry at home!

*Denotes Mad Science Branded Take Home Product.
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