Community Planning Initiatives

City of Calgary “Pot Hole Patrol”

We’ve had a mild winter so far and because of this the City has initiated its “Pot Hole Patrol” program a little earlier than usual and is already out there fixing the pavement. If you notice a pothole, call the City at 3-1-1 and report the location. You can also email me ( and I’ll call and follow-up.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety
I’ve heard from a number of people in Palliser and Pump Hill regarding the safety of bicycle and pedestrian crossings from the residential areas to the pathway system on the north side of 90th Avenue. 90th Avenue has an average weekday traffic flow of 30,000 vehicles. Specific locations are 19th Street and 24th Street. We want to see the pavement marked at those crossings so motorists have a visual notice that these crossings are used by cyclists and pedestrians. If you have other crossings that concern you, please let me know.

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