Ring Road Update June 2014

Thank you Linda Johnston, MLA for giving us a heads-up at our recent board meeting. Here is what she had to share with us:

Residents can take a closer look at the future with the release of new planning drawings for the last section of the Calgary Ring Road.

Completed functional planning drawings of the roadway and interchanges, aerial photos of the route and an update on next steps are all available to the public on the Alberta Transportation website.

“The people of Calgary and Alberta can be reassured that we are continuing our planning for this much anticipated section of the Calgary ring road. While we are still a long way from putting shovels in the ground, we are committed to providing residents with the most up-to-date information on what the road is going to look like.”

– Wayne Drysdale, Minister of Transportation

The remaining 31 kilometres of ring road will be built in two sections:

1)    The Southwest Calgary Ring Road (from 69 Street SW to Highway 2A)  most of which is on current Tsuu T’ina land, and

2)    The West Calgary Ring Road (from Highway 1 to 69 Street SW) within City limits.

As well, 10 kilometres of connector roads and interchanges will be upgraded as part of the overall project.

Once complete, the Calgary ring road will provide more than 100 kilometres of free flow freeway giving motorists safer, more efficient travel. It will help alleviate local traffic congestion while helping to improve market access.


Fall Information Sessions

Although extensive public consultation was completed between 2005 and 2009, the Government of Alberta remains committed to keeping Albertans up-to-date through the website and information sessions.  Public information sessions will be held in the fall or early winter of 2014 to give residents an opportunity to talk with officials and learn more about the plans.

Next steps

Treasury Board will review business cases on whether it is viable to finance the remaining ring road sections as a Public Private Partnership (P3) or through conventional means. Using the P3 model wisely for parts of Alberta’s ring roads has saved taxpayers close to $2 billion in the past.

As the process continues, the government will focus first on making progress on the land transfer agreement with the Tsuu T’ina Nation. As part of this, representatives from the Tsuu T’ina Nation, the Alberta government and the federal government are working collaboratively and respectfully to fulfill the agreement.

Once the land is transferred, the agreement requires the province to complete the southwest section within seven years. At this point in time, Alberta Transportation is aligning planning and resources to fulfill that commitment. The province will also move forward with the west section of the ring road once we have advanced with the southwest section, completing the circle. Final timelines have not yet been set but it is expected these two projects will overlap.

Final approval and timing of the remaining sections are also subject to Treasury Board approval and available funding.

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