1-Day Workshop – Creating Your Retirement – Cancelled


We are excited to offer a one-day workshop entitled “Creating Your Retirement” on Saturday January 17, 2015, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., at PBP Community Hall. The workshop will be facilitated by a Certified Retirement Coach and offered in conjunction with Calgary’s Career Vitality Services which presently offers the very popular “Understanding and Preparing for Retirement” course at the University of Calgary. Please email info@careervitality.ca if you are interested in attending a workshop that will help you define your values, interests and passions as well as broaden your appreciation of your readiness and preparedness for retirement in the six key areas of

  • Career/Work,
  • Health/Wellness,
  • Family/Relationships,
  • Life Purpose/Meaning,
  • Leisure and
  • Personal Self Development.

This engaging workshop will provide you with the jump start you need to help you create your personal retirement lifestyle plan and much more! Cost is $150 plus GST per person and $100 plus GST for your spouse or partner. Bring your own lunch!

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