PBP Annual General Meeting – November 10, 2015


It has been a busy second year for the new PBP Community Association. Following on the major changes that began taking place in early 2014, our board of directors, key volunteers and contract staff and the community members have worked together to transform the community association into one that is more vibrant, with improved financial position and sustainability. We’d like to share with you some of the key happenings over the past year.


  • PBP key volunteers and board members participated in the 2nd annual strategic planning session this past January and developed short and long term goals and a draft vision and value statement
  • Key Goals that were established and accomplished since January 2015:
    • Continued excellent financial stewardship and balanced budgets
    • Increase in number of part-time administrative staff
    • Create a volunteer database and coordinator
    • Better management of grants and funding
    • Increased management of rentals and finances
    • Casino volunteering
    • Development of a fiscal budget for 2015-2016
  • Our Mission Statement: A welcoming community where safety, beauty, and diversity inspire friendships among residents.
  • Vision Statement: Our purpose is to create gathering places for connecting the residents of PBP and surrounding communities by
    • Providing engaging activities
    • Supporting beautiful surroundings
    • Providing useful facilities
    • Establishing a strong communication network
    • Creating strong partnerships
    • Managing the Association well
  • High Level Priorities for PBP CA
    • Financial Sustainability (linked to Facility Management)
    • Board Governance & Sustainability (including Facility/Committee Governance)
    • Communication

Volunteer & Membership Engagement

  • Improving – solid 7 member board increasing to 10 plus key volunteers who managed renovations, website, community outreach
  • Solid Casino participation in April 2015. A new casino lead volunteer will be needed for 2017
  • Events (Summerfest, Halloween, Winterfest, and Community Cleanup) are well run and funded through operating funds. We need more volunteers to reduce burden on board members and see more events staged.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Event is in the works for winter 2015-2016
  • A goal of the board is to see more events and volunteers staffing the events!
  • PBPCA attendance of FCC board development workshops, training, and appreciation events is strong by several board members and volunteers.
  • As of Aug 2015, we had 206 family and senior memberships, resulting in $5,400 in membership fees and donations.


  • Monthly newsletter delivered to 3200 households monthly at no cost to PBP
  • Twitter and Facebook developed and maintained
  • Website well maintained, up to date content and relevant
  • On-line newsletter mailed out to 500+ households monthly and more as needed
  • Building signs and sandwich board system of signage is low cost and easy to administer

Civic and Planning

  • We reviewed and submitted comments on 10 development permit (DP) applications and completed routing matrix for DPs going forward.
  • We participated in SW Ring Road community engagement forums, provided feedback on traffic concerns to city and provincial planners and communicated updates via PBP website and newsletter. The agreement with Tsuu T’ina finalized on May 22.
  • We participated on a committee opposed to Bylaw 14P2015 to allow Secondary Suites on all R-1 properties in our Ward and provided feedback directly to the Mayor and Council in support of more safe, legal and appropriate suites while opposing the blanket re-zoning of 35,000 R-1 properties. Our efforts help to defeat the bylaw change.
  • Regarding the Calgary Jewish Community Center re-zoning application, we participated in various engagement forums and submitted comments on their application to change the land use (LOC2015-0030). This proposal would allow for changes on the land to the east of the existing JCC to allow for the existing center to be demolished and a larger facility including a school to be constructed.
  • Regarding property assessments, we analyzed the residential single family and condominium assessment changes to advise property owners in our three communities of average changes to be expected,

Programs and Hall Rentals

  • Since June 2014, we have successfully transitioned from a cooperative preschool (which lost money, did not covering building and staffing costs, hamstrung the use of the building for other community uses, and was without long term teacher and volunteer commitment) to a outsourced model with two preschools offering a morning English program and an afternoon Spanish program serving families in the PBP and neighbouring communities. These two preschools serve the community needs, allow for shared use of the hall, and cover operating costs of the building.
  • Board directors independently negotiated preschool rental agreements in the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years.
  • Board directors independently sent out request for proposal for OSC and negotiated rental agreements for 2nd semester of the 2015-2016 school year and the summer school vacation break.
  • Internal PBP Programs – We have offered in house programs geared towards kids, adult and seniors, including art workshops, chess, kids’ and youth writing, yoga, seniors social hour, parenting programs, and basketball. Total revenues were $6,550 and generally covered the program costs.
  • Implementation of $3,000 Federal grant for Seniors underway with bridge, yoga, and computer programs

Staffing and Contractors

  • Since February 2014 we have successfully transitioned from a part- and full-time employee situation (Facility Manager and preschool teachers) to a flexible and less costly contract worker model, including our Program Manager, Samantha Johnston.
  • Lola, who managed our hall bookings moved on after 1.5 years and hall rentals are handled internally by our Program Manager (contract position). Lola increased our rentals from $2k/yr to over $14k/year, not including preschool and out of school care (OSC) rental income.
  • We negotiated waiver of WCB fines for unpaid premiums on cooperative preschool teachers and closed the file on poorly run and unmanaged cooperative preschool obligations.
  • We have no full time employees
  • We are seeking a part time maintenance/handyman person.

Facility Improvements

  • Roof replaced at a cost of $73,000. All costs were funded by grant monies at $0 cost to PBPCA but included countless volunteer hours to manage the grant process and cost overruns
  • 500 square foot multipurpose room built out at a cost of $25,000 jointly funded by municipal, provincial and AGLC funds, resulting in a significant improvement to programmable hall space with addition of windows and natural light
  • Municipal grants of $26,000 were implemented to replace various capital conservation projects including flooring, insulation, and electric upgrades.
  • Exterior renovations and an additional washroom construction are under consideration. We have submitted for a Canada 150 grant and expect to complete municipal and provincial grant applications in the winter.


  • First year financial statements were fully audited. No extraordinary issues were identified
  • Financial situation improved from a net operating loss to a profit of $17,932 (audit results pending)
  • Solid rental revenues more than cover operating, contractor, and program costs
  • AGLC funds were replenished as of August 2015 with $79,000. The current AGLC casino cycle is 21 months
  • Previous AGLC funds have been depleted in compliance with AGLC requirements as of November 2015, primarily to cover renovation costs and some building costs (utilities, maintenance, and cleaning).
  • Use of current AGLC funds to be determined by incoming board of directors

Goals for next year

  • 3rd annual Strategic Meeting of newly elected board
  • Negotiation of our License of Occupation from the City of Calgary for current term (in overhold) and beyond 2022 when the 50 year lease of our building from the Calgary Board of Education between CBE-City expires
  • Continued development of partnerships with preschools and OSC to provide key programming to local children while simultaneously meeting the need for licensed supervised care to members
  • Provide in house programming for school age kids, adults and seniors at a low cost and with relevant and desirable courses (art, yoga, bridge, games, basketball)
  • Partner with neighbouring school for use of gym for afterschool programming
  • Increased membership and volunteer engagement

Respectfully submitted,

PBP Board of Directors, November 10, 2015

Tracee Collins, President
Anjli Acharya, Vice President
Karen Murphy, Treasurer
Allan F. Kiernan, Civics and Planning Director
Jennifer Zouak, Communications Director
Ligong Gan, Director at Large
Judith Arato, Director at Large
Craig Hopkins, Rink Director

Old and new board members

Old and new board members

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