ENMAX 35 Substation and Reclamation Update

ENMAX will be installing water and sewer services for ENMAX’s 35 Substation located at 90 Avenue SW in South Glenmore Park. The work is scheduled to begin on October 24th and will take approximately four to six weeks weather permitting. This work will occur in the Oakridge off-leash Dog Park at 90 Avenue SW.

The location of these new services has been determined by the future road allowance for the 90 Avenue SW Interchange for the South West Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR). The construction area will be secured with fencing. The dog park will be open to park users but please use caution and walk around the construction fencing. Construction will also cross the bike path that travels north into South Glenmore Park. ENMAX and Calgary Parks are working together on a detour plan for minimal pathway disruption.

The parking spaces at the beginning of the off-leash dog park will be unavailable during construction as this is where the manhole is located to access the existing infrastructure and to connect the new services. After construction the parking area will be backfilled, graded and open to the public. However, the asphalt will be replaced in the spring as per City guidelines.

Also, ENMAX has completed the underground distribution system between 90 Avenue and Anderson Road SW. Reclamation of the Oakridge off-leash dog area will also begin on October 24th. The landscaping work will include weed removal, grading, top soil and seeding. Mulch will be used as required to protect seed in sloped areas. The initial work will take approximately one week to complete but ongoing maintenance will continue until the area is returned to pre-construction conditions as required by The City. The reclaimed area should not be expected to look fully established for at least one growing season. We appreciate your patience as ENMAX continues construction work in the area to accommodate the SWCRR.


Please click this link for more information from the Government of Alberta about the South West Calgary Ring Road project and for more information about the ENMAX 35 Substation please visit ENMAX webpage. You can read more about The City’s involvement on the SWCRR at www.calgary.ca/swrr.

If you have any question please contact ENMAX at 403-514-3990 or email powercustomerrelations@enmax.com.

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