Thank you Parks Foundation Calgary

Thank you Parks Foundation Calgary

Dear Parks Foundation Calgary,

We would like to thank the Parks Foundation Calgary for their generous support of our community. Thanks to the funding received from your organization, PBP now has a state of the art outdoor basketball facility and is a destination for families, children, youth, and adults in our tri-neighborhood area and surrounding communities.

Our decrepit tilting two hoops have now been replaced with six new basketball pole/hoop/net systems and painted lines and PBP logo. We also were able to install two new light poles and four high efficiency lights for a safe and enjoyable after dark experience for basketball in the warmer weather and skating and hockey during the winter months. With these new facilities we are now able to offer more comprehensive basketball programming for kids and youth. We have plans for basketball camps and afterschool programs in the spring and summer 2017. Already, we are seeing more use of the facility by young adults with regular pickup game schedules and families who use the facility in the evening. The younger children really appreciate the shorter nets (2 of the 6) too! Finally, children at the local elementary school are making great use of the facility during school hours during recess and physical education classes.

Thank you Parks Foundation Calgary for making difference in our community and helping our local kids enjoy the outdoors in a way that is healthy, fun and social.  More time on the basketball rink and skating rink means less screen time too.  We appreciate your partnership!

Kind Regards,

PBP Board of Directors and Past President


Sean Hayes

Tracee Collins

Anjli Acharya

Brennan Jacques

Mycroft Schwartz

Al Kiernan

Dani Hayes

Cal Melrose

Jennifer Keyes

Frank-Michael Hofmann

Judith Arato

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