Ring Road Update April 2017

Preparing for SW Calgary Ring Road Construction
The Government of Alberta awarded Mountain View Partners with the contract to design, build, operate, and partially finance the Southwest Ring Road (SWRR). Mountain View Partners has subcontracted KGL Constructors to design and construct the SWRR. Preliminary construction work began in fall 2016 and major construction within the Transportation Utility Corridor is beginning this spring. For more information on the construction of the SWRR and traffic updates, visit KGL’s website at www.swcrrproject.com.

Upcoming information session (Please note the change in location)
90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive connections and Anderson Road S.W. widening

The City will be holding an Information Session on Thursday, May 25 from 5 – 8 PM at the Southland Leisure Centre, Pool Viewing Area (2000 Southland Drive S.W.).

The City will be providing updates on the two Calgary-led ring road projects in the area:
– 90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive connections
– Anderson Road S.W. widening
Representatives from Alberta Transportation and KGL Constructors will also be present to answer any questions related to the Southwest Ring Road.

Update:  Anderson Road Widening Project
The City is widening Anderson Road S.W. to six lanes between the Southwest Ring Road (SWRR) and Elbow Drive. This improvement provides for a better road network by offering an attractive road for people travelling east-west through the area between the SWRR and city destinations. Construction on this project is expected to begin in June 2017 and will be completed by the end of 2018.

In preparation for the start of construction, approximately 111 trees will be removed along Anderson Road between Elbow Drive and the future SWRR in the first two weeks of April.

By the time the project wraps up at the end of 2018, The City will have replanted 281 poplar and spruce trees along this stretch of Anderson Road.

The City examined the trees to be removed and found that many were not in good health and cannot be replanted. Approximately 12 of the larger trees will be used for a Parks and Water Resources initiative for creating fish habitat.

The remaining trees will be mulched and that mulch will be placed near the project area and be free for the public to take. It will be available in mid April for two to three weeks once all of the tree removals have been completed and the equipment has left the area. The mulch pile will be placed off of the west side of 14 Street, south of Anderson Road, near an area with space for parking. Residents are asked to bring shovels and bags to collect the mulch. Once the dates have been confirmed, that information will be posted on the project webpage.

Update: Bow Trail and 85 Street S.W. Intersection Upgrades
In summer 2017, The City will be completing some initial improvements on the intersection at Bow Trail and 85 Street S.W. This work will include extending the southbound left turning lane on 85 Street by removing a portion of the median that is currently in place and adding an additional left turning lane on westbound Bow Trail.

Construction on the widening of Bow Trail is currently anticipated to begin in 2018. Further work on the intersection at Bow Trail and 85 Street will also be occurring in 2018 and the final plans include widening 85 Street to two lanes north of Bow Trail to match the road alignment to the south of Bow Trail, including a separate left turning lane for drivers travelling eastbound on Bow Trail.

The City will provide an update to the community on this project as it progresses. For more information, please visit the project webpage.

Update: Glenmore Trail Widening and Interchange Upgrade
The City is widening Glenmore Trail to six lanes between 37 Street and Crowchild Trail S.W. and modifying the Glenmore Trail/Crowchild Trail S.W. interchange. These upgrades will provide for a better road network by accommodating changes to traffic volume and patterns that are expected after the opening of the SWCRR.

The design work for the Glenmore Trail widening and interchange upgrades are scheduled to begin in late 2017, with construction planned to start in 2018 and continue into 2019.

The City will provide an update to the community on this project as it progresses. For more information, visit the project webpage.

Update: Spruce Meadows Way Widening
Construction on the Spruce Meadows Way widening project will be starting in May 2017. The timeline for construction on this project is:
February – April 2017: ENMAX and Telus utilities relocation
May 2017: Construction begins on northbound lanes.
June – July 2017: Construction begins on major portion of southbound lanes
August – September 2017: Remaining construction on southbound lanes completed.
November 2017: Project completion and all lanes open to public.
Through traffic and private driveway access will be maintained on Spruce Meadows Way S.W. during construction. Periodic lane closures and speed limit reductions may occur.

Update: 162 Avenue S.W. Connection
Construction on the 162 Avenue S.W. connection project will be starting in July 2017 and is expected to be complete in fall 2017. The roadway will not open to traffic until the SWRR is completed, in fall 2021. Residents may notice periodic increases in construction traffic throughout the project. Access from eastbound 162 Avenue to Bridlecrest Boulevard S.W. will remain open until the SWRR is completed. Once the SWRR is open, the left turn from 162 Avenue to Bridlecrest Boulevard will be permanently closed.

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