Kids Summer Yoga

Kids Summer Yoga Camp @ The PBP

Get active and have some fun this summer at the PBP with Kaity Demetz! This program will get kids moving and help them to tune into their bodies & emotions, build self- confidence and foster their creativity. Children will learn skills for self-care, increase kindness & compassion for themselves and others, sharpen their ability to focus & pay attention, and learn to tune into how they are feeling & respond from a place with less emotional reactivity.

We will begin each class with a 45 minute-1 hour yoga session where kids can explore a variety of fun yoga postures and learn to connect with their breath. We will cultivate mindfulness in a short introduction to kid-friendly meditation to encourage relaxation & awareness. Self-reflection through journaling, fun games & music, crafts.

Daily Structure:

  • Yoga Class
  • Meditation
  • Short Reflection with Journaling
  • Vision Boards (worked on daily and will be sent home at the end of day 4)
  • Craft-Dream catchers, colouring, rock painting & more


  • PBP Community Hall 2323 Palliser Drive SW, Calgary

Date & Time:

  • July 23-26th (Monday-Thursday) 12:00-3:00 PM for 8/9 year olds
  • August 7-10th (Monday-Thursday) 12:00-3:00 PM for 10/11 year olds


  • $150.00/child

How to register:

What to bring:

  • A healthy snack/water
  • Yoga Mat (if you have one, otherwise we can provide one)
  • Sunscreen & hat
  • Comfortable stretchy, breathable clothing


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