Help Get Procedural Fairness is Dealings with the City and Defend our Neighborhoods, Parks and Drinking Water


Dear Calgarians,

With our growing population and need to make difficult decisions, we must define our priorities and determine what we need, cherish and want to maintain in our beautiful City. We, at the Palliser Bayview Pumphill Community Association (PBP CA) believe that Calgarians should be spared unnecessary and avoidable traffic congestion and problems with parking and pedestrian safety. We believe that public parklands, wildlife habitat, and clean drinking water should be valued and merit preservation, with the most stringent application of environmental oversight.

Community Associations (CAs) are expected to advocate on issues affecting their communities and provide input into the planning and development process.                              It should not be acceptable that the city goes through the motions of asking Calgarians for public input within a time limit, without providing enough information to allow for informed and meaningful response.

We are also concerned about risks to our drinking water. The proposed redevelopment of Glenmore Landing would put one of the densest residential housing developments ever built in Calgary immediately adjacent sensitive Reservoir Parklands. To date, it appears that, despite the concerns that have been made known to the City,  there have been no hydrogeological or environmental impact studies done to inform and satisfy the City and the public (before making decisions that  lead to having thousands more people living on the doorstep of our drinking water) that it will not harm the water quality and level of the reservoir.

Every Calgarian should be concerned about traffic congestion, parking problems, preserving our drinking water, the degradation, destruction or sale of public parklands and environmental protection.

To defend the rights of Calgarians to fair procedure in dealings with the City the PBP CA has brought legal action against the City of Calgary to enforce requirements for transparent, meaningful and fair procedure in public engagement, respecting the proposed redevelopment of Glenmore Landing. While it may be difficult for individual Calgarians or community associations to raise the funds on their own for such a court challenge, by sharing the cost of the PBPCA legal action, it can be completed successfully, and we can all receive the benefit of the resulting clarification of the rules to be followed.

The PBPCA is a registered charity. Through our website, you can follow the link and get an immediate tax receipt for your donation. Whether you can donate $25, $50, $100, $200 or more, every donation helps.

We urge you not to remain passive. This is a time to exercise your rights and oppose actions that will degrade or undermine your community. We ask all Calgarians to please join and support your CAs. Stay informed and participate.

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