Glenmore Redevelopment

PBPCA Invited to Submit Comments re RioCan City Application for Land Use Amendment & Outline Plan re Glenmore Landing Re-Development

On June 6th the PBPCA Board was advised that Urban Systems (representing RioCan) submitted their application for a Design Framework, Outline Plan, and land use redesignation for the Glenmore Landing shopping centre.

According to Urban Systems, their client RioCan Management Inc. entered into a purchase and sale agreement with the City of Calgary as of June 2022 to achieve the collective long-term vision of developing a vibrant, master planned community hub through redevelopment of the shopping centre. This agreement includes the purchasing of the City of Calgary surplus land along 14 Street and 90 Avenue, surrounding the existing Glenmore Landing property.

As part of the agreement, RioCan will be amending the Land Use for the entire site and has prepared an Outline Plan and Design Framework report to support the proposal. Approval by the City of these applications will allow RioCan to take a phased approach to strengthen the retail at Glenmore Landing with the addition of residential housing options to transform the site into a pedestrian friendly, mixed-use community.

A Design Framework, Outline Plan, and land use redesignation that Urban Systems have referred to in their application are complicated documents. According to Urban Systems principal, Mike Coldwell, “The Design Framework provides guidance for future, phased development to occur on site and provides direction for future development permit expectations. The Design Framework outlines design elements such as placemaking, integration, built form, open space, and community building. Furthermore, the Design Framework distinguishes between Set and Flex areas of the plan – to create certainty for certain areas and elements of the plan, while creating flexibility for the future design stages and evolution of the site. In addition, the Outline Plan and Land use amendment applications provide additional details related to density and intensity expectations and appropriate uses.

Insofar as the land use redesignations are concerned, Coldwell says that the existing shopping centre will continue to be guided by the Commercial – Community 2 District (C-C2) (max height: 10m, max FAR: 0.34) while the short-term redevelopment lands will be guided by the Multi Residential – High-Density High-Rise District (M-H3) (max height: 115m, max FAR: 11.0). These districts have been selected to appropriately reflect both short and medium-term development plans for the site while recognizing that to achieve the ultimate vision established in the Design Framework, additional land use amendments will be required for the shopping centre lands.

The Application also notes that Public and stakeholder engagement occurred prior to the application submission in order to inform interested parties about the proposed redevelopment and they intend to continue engaging the surrounding communities and tenants throughout the application process, and into future design and approvals processes, including a project website.

Next Steps

The city has asked your PBPCA Board to submit responses and comments to the Application which will form part of the official record and available for public viewing upon the final decision of the application. Sushma Mahajan, who is the PBPCA’s Planning Director is heading up the coordination of the responses back to the city. If you would like to express your comments or concerns relative to the Glenmore Landing re-development plans, please send an email to Sushma at by June 20th for consideration and consolidation to the City of Calgary.