About Us

The communities of Palliser, Bayview and Pump Hill are located in southwest Calgary, bounded by Glenmore Reservoir, 14th Street, 24th Street and Southland Drive SW.  Our communities were established in 1967, and the Community Association was registered in September 1970.

The Palliser Bayview Pump Hill Community Association promotes community spirit and encourages all residents to contribute and participate in community life. The volunteer Board of Directors deals with the day to day operations involved with running the community centre. It facilitates various events throughout the year. Our co-operative preschool has been operating since 1975 and is an integral part of our services.

Our Community Association produces a monthly newsletter to all residents in the community, known as PBP Matters. PBP Matters features regular articles from our Alderman, Brian Pincott, and our MLA, Anam Kazim, who keep us informed of matters that affect our Community. It also provides residents with up-to-date information about our programs, upcoming events and local businesses.



 A welcoming community where safety, beauty, and diversity inspire friendships among residents.



Our purpose is to connect the residents of Palliser, Bayview, Pumphill and surrounding communities by:

  • Providing engaging activities
  • Advocating and maintaining beautiful and aesthetic developments
  • Preserving our natural spaces
  • Supporting beautiful surroundings
  • Providing useful facilities
  • Establishing a strong communication network
  • Creating strong partnerships
  • Managing the Association well



The Palliser Bayview Pumphill Community Association values that our community is:

  • Safe
  • Friendly
  • Family oriented
  • Diverse
  • We show pride of ownership
  • We have a connection to nature
  • We have good proximity to amenities
  • As a community, we value a high standard of education
  • Overall, the community has and shows RESPECT
  • We value that our residents are:
  • Engaged
  • Connected
  • Neighbourly


(Reviewed and approved for 2017)