Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board welcomes members of the Community Association and the public to monthly board meetings. These meetings are held at the PBP Community Centre’s Board Room on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm. (except July and August). To contact us, please call us at 403-281-1908 or email

PBP Community Association

Office and Hall Rentals • 403-281-1908 •



President: Brennen Jaques •

Vice-President: Lesley Farrar*

Treasurer: Mycroft Schwartz •

Secretary: Jeromy Farkas •



Civics and Planning Director: Susan Russell •

Maintenance and Life-cycle Director: Cal Melrose •

Technology Director: Anjli Acharya*

Directors at Large (3): Jenny Keyes*, Charlotte Lefebvre*, Rex Huang*

Lead Rink Volunteer: Brent Fleming*

Newsletter: Editor •

*to contact please email

Facilities Administrator

(position pending)